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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 1, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good friday morning to you. i'm craig in for tamron hall. this is "newsnation." developing right now for the first time in history, a u.s. hospital is preparing to take in at least one patient infected with ebola. this is the world health organization declares the outbreak, is, quote, moving faster than our efforts to control it. so far no conformation on the identity of the patient, but it is believed to be either one of the two american aid workers currently stricken with ebola in liberia, dr. ken brantly or nancy writebol. there are reports both are expected to be transported back one at the time. they'll be brought on one of these. they'll be brought on medevac plane e kwipted with the tent like device which allows patients to be moved without
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infecting others on board. emery university hospital in atlantic has a specially built wing for infectious diseases. it's only one of four units like it in the country. >> this team has been trained in how to use the personal protective equipment and take special precautions to avoid any potential exposures. >> joining me live from emery university hospital. do we know at this point when the patient is going to be arriving? >> that is a very big question right now. an answer is we don't know. because the medical teams themselves don't know. they're on the ground evacuating the patient. there's a chance that actually that nobody could come here. that the patient they are thinking of bringing here is in such poor shape it's not safe to transport them. somebody with ebola that
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progressed to a serious level could be killed as something as small as the bumps on a dirt road. it's a fluid situation and the biggest variable right now is the acondition of the patient. both american's conditions deteriorating. >> are we expecting to find out the identity of the patient being transferred? >> that is also another very big question right now, craig. one we're waiting to find out the answer to. the hospital, obviously, not going to tell us because of hipaa. we're working with the families and the ngo the volunteers they were working with. there's a chance they're evaluating both on the ground and seeing who is in the better shape to travel. the medical teams may not know who right now. >> going back to something you said a second ago. if they're not transported
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there, where might they end up? >> well, as for another location in the state. there several including one in nebraska. we're told potentially any emergency room or icu with a specialty isolation unit could take them. the isolation unit was built in collaboration with the cbc. it's built to handle the most serious infectious. they have to be well enough to make the flight. otherwise they could continue to be treated in africa on the ground. teams there doing the best they can. meanwhile the other volunteers with the ngo, the volunteers being evacuated currently. we're told right now by the ngo that no one else is showing signs of ebola right now. >> out emery university hospital in atlanta. thank you. let's bring in an infectious disease specialist from uh
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cleveland center. you're familiar with the real worry in many parts of the country that there is a tremendous amount of danger of bringing someone infected with ebola to america. how legitimate are those concerns? >> well, i think the concerns are legitimate. the patients who -- a lot of people who contract ebola are individuals who are caring for patients who are stricken with ebola, and the fluids that come from a patient who is really debilitated from the infection. their saliva, their urine, their stool can be contagious to people who are not taking proper precautions. that being said, the places that they plan on transferring will have very strict policies and an action plan for infection control. both before the patients arrive,
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when the patients are there, and even after the resolution of the disease itself. and so i expect that everyone from the physicians to the nurses to the transport staff to the people who are even taking out the trash from the patient's room will have the protections in place. >> and you just alluded to it there. let's clear up the misconceptions about how one contracts ebola. >> the vreservoir, the theory right now is that the infection originates from some animal. and that close contact with that animal -- we don't really understand which animal it is. the theory right now it's a bat. that the close contact with those animals or their discretions can infect the humans. once a human becomes infected, during the what we call the asymptom attic period. the first few days to a week the patient is not having any symptoms at all, they are not really contagious. but once they become really
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debilitated. once they become bed bound you see a lot of the severe disease. that's when they're most infectious to other people. if that area of the would usually it's the family members who are taking direct care within their own homes of the patients. where as here we have a much better medical infrastructure where hospitals and people who are trained in both protecting themselves as well as caring for patients will be able to take care of anyone stricken with the disease. >> as you know nearly 750 folks have been killed so far in western africa. this morning the world health organization's chief said that the virus is, quote, moving faster than our efforts to control it. how do we go about controlling the virus? >> this virus itself is travels from person to person through direct contacts with the discretions. and so what you have to do is the people who are caring for
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those individuals have to have, you know -- they want to be covered. here in the united states we would have gowns on. we would have gloves on. we would have face masks. even face shields to protect us from anyone coughing and having their cough drop lets fall on to our face. but in west africa, they don't have those kinds of abilities to protect themselves. yet they still feel very compelled to treat, you know, their family members. and so they have to do what they need to do in order to help that patient survive this. it can be survived about 6 out of 7 people are dieing with this infection. it means three out of four -- three to four out of every ten will live through this. they need to help them to prevent that from getting dehydrated and things like that. how they prevent the spread is with good education, with providing them the medical care
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with education how to protect themselves and identifying people at risk of developing future cases. >> dr. frank infectious disease specialist. thank you, sir. let's turn to developing news out of the middle east. what was supposed to be a three day cease-fire fell apart in less than three hours. right now israeli troops are carrying out an intense search for a soldier believed may have been taken during an attack by militants near the gaza border. two israeli soldiers were killed. at least 40 palestinians have been killed this morning as idf forces unleash heavy fire while carrying out the search. both sides are blaming the other for the collapse of that cease-fire. on morning joe prime minister netanyahu spokesman said what it would take. >> the end game to articulate is simple. we want a sustained period of quiet and peace for our people so they don't have to live in fear of these incoming rockets
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fired from gaza. as you know, the number is getting close to 3,000. 3,000 rockets in three weeks. so they don't have to live in fear of terrorists popping out from the ground with explosives, rocket propelled grenades and automatic weapons coming into your house and trying to kill you. >> joining me now is ayman mohyeldin on the ground. what is the latest on the ground, sir? >> craig, as you mentioned the ongoing shelling is taking place. a rescue operation from the perspective of the israeli. it's being prescribed by the palestinians as a massacre. thousands of people fleeing their homes. hundreds injured. and the death toll stands just above 40 palestinians killed. that's according to palestinian medical sources that are updating us with the tolls. depending on who you asked what happened this morning that lead to the implosion of the cease-fire is a different account. one from the israelis, one from
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the palestinian side. the israeli military said during the cease-fire after it started, their soldiers came under attack while they were inside gaza as they were expected to be as a result of that cease-fire agreement that was announced yesterday. that palestinians agree, they do say the israeli soldiers were allowed to stay in gaza during the cease-fire, but they say the israeli soldiers began toed a san francisco positions they had already taken and more importantly engaged in ongoing operations and they were responding to the violations from the israeli side. two different accounts as to what happened. the end result both sides at least for now agree on a lot of bloodshed on the palestinian side. two israeli soldiers killed and one missing. it's important to note that we don't know if the israeli soldier captured is alive or is dead. so far the military wing of hamas has been very tight-lipped. they haven't even confirmed that in fact they have him in their custody. for the time being, the political wing is acknowledging that there is an israeli soldier in the custody of hamas here in
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gaza. >> quickly, before i let you go. i came across these two images that you posted of a beach in gaza. what are we looking at here? >> you're looking at the same beach just a matter of two hours apart. when the news -- when many palestinians woke up to the news there was a cease-fire any place. they headed to the beach. many thought it was a safe day to swim. fishermen went out to try to get a day's catch. just as the news broke there was a collapse of the cease-fire that fighting resumed word spread on the beach quickly. within minute it is emptied out. a lot of fishermen came into the bay. that's the same scene two hours after. >> ayman mohyeldin on the ground for us. thank you, sir. be safe. as ayman mentioned, as mentioned an israeli soldier captured. two others killed during an
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operation aimed at taking out the tunnel used by hamas militants. israeli have live in constant fear of tunnel attacks. martin fletcher got a rare look inside and filed the report. >> attack tunnels. hamas' secret passages for fighters to penetrate and skill israelis. surprised a -- dug through clay and sand the tunnels are hard to find. >> 45-feet deep. >> concrete arches, electric, telephones. almost of feet high and two feet wide. they built dozens of them the army wants time to destroy them all. 32 found so far. this tunnel in this direction goes one mile more than a mile into gaza. this direction only a few more
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hundred yards it comes up inside israel in the farming lands. israel was this close to another treasure. >> wanting to throw up from anxiety. >> >> people say, okay, we can live with a shelling. but not with the threat of tunnels. >> a friend came back after three weeks in the north. sheltered from the rockets, terrified but the tunnels but her kids missed ohm. >> exciting but a lot of fear. >> there's all fear of rockets and now the tunnels. will hamas fighters suddenly pop out the ground. and the boom of israeli guns firing into casa. >> people ask me how do you raise your children here in that place? i told them. it's my house. oh, my god. oh.
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you see. to come back to this, we'll get used to it. >> martin fletcher there. developing right now from capitol hill. house republicans voting on a revised bill to deal with undocumented children at the border. this just a day after what is described as a, quote, conservative insurrection threaten the measure. >> nobody in that room believes that this bill that passed would make it into law. so what is the point of having a piece of show legislation? >> up next why our first read team calls the chaos a gift to democrats. also developing right now. the markets reacting to today's jobs report. the u.s. added just under 210,000 jobs. is we'll break down the numbers. plus this. >> those are tickets to
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8:19 am
down $659 billion bill to answer the border crisis. ed in the past hour house john boehner and others emerged from a meetsing in an effort to find a solution. republicans reportedly agreed to add $35 million to send national guard troops to the border and vote on a second bill that would make it easier to return undocumented children to their homes. all of this follows a similar meeting last night. >> we'll get the vote. >> how? >> we'll get the vote. >> what changed? >> i hope some people grow up. >> asked why the bill had to be pulled peter king of new york said bluntly, because of ted cruz. i'm joined by bill pascrell of
8:20 am
new jersey. good to see you, sir. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing well, sir. $35 billion for national guard troops. more money, as i understand it, to be used at the discretion of border governors. what are you hearing right now about what might else be in the bill? >> very interesting you ask the question. up until two minutes ago we had no bill in front of us. we don't have the language to the bill. that's a technical question. they blown it. they know they have blown it it. you saw it with your two eyes. you saw what happened yesterday when they backed off what they were willing to do because they didn't have the votes. that's fine. what are we here for. if we vote on something today, the senate is not around to vote. it's all decoration. these folks -- regardless of what you feel in the politics.
8:21 am
this is the reason why the congress is held to a low regard. we can't get it straight. and to top it off, i couldn't believe yesterday when some republicans are saying if we don't get it done, let the president do it with executive powers. we went through a dance about how we're going to sue the president of the united states because he used executive powers. you tell many what i'm miss ein here. >> i won't attempt to tell you. you raise an interesting point there. even if you guys manage to get something done, senate is already gone home. my understanding is that the emergency funding is going to run out sometime early august, maybe at the latest. if you are on a five week vacation. what does it mean for the crisis at the border? >> well, it certainly means that kids are not going to be attended to. we know that this -- to your humanitarian request question. we know it's part of our inability to come to grips with
8:22 am
a main issue. that is comprehensive immigration reform. over a month -- over a year ago the senate voted a bipartisan piece of legislation. democrats and republicans voted to change our immigration laws. of course, people talk about that without knowing what the immigration laws are now. it doesn't he at all. know what the law is. what we want to do is change it so people can come out the shadows. so families can be united. so we can say, look, these folks can stay and these have to go home. we can't do it now with the chaos that exists. and i don't think what is happening in the house today is going to reduce that chaos. i think we will increase that chaos. i want to know who is running the show in my house for the republican party. >> who do you think is running the show. it sounds like you have pretty good ideas? i think peter king is dead on what he says what he said yesterday. i'm not going to get involved with republican politics.
8:23 am
we have enough problems within our own party on the democratic side. i think he's dead on. with the new jersey congressman said who is a modern republican who tries to seek a resolution. john said i'm resigning. listen to that. he may be only one person. he's an important person. i think he added to the integrity to the congress the short time he was here. it's the integrity of the congress and the house that has been divided and torn down by these republicans who part of the party doesn't want government to exist. these 40 to 50 people think they're cool. i think they deride the conversation. i think they bring down the economy, bring down the constitution and i think they minimize how great this country is. they should be ashamed themselves and cruz should stay on the other side of the
8:24 am
building. >> bill pascrell from new jersey. i think we're going to leave it there, sir. thank you for your time. have a great weekend. >> hopefully you get a vote done soon. new details about when former majority leader eric cantor is resigning. it came hours after his farewell dress that was a goodbye speech. >> i close by once again thanking my colleagues for their service. i thank them for their friendship and warmth. with that i yield back. >> why he wants to leave office-year-old. it's one of the things we thought you should know. hear the chilling audio tape of president bill clinton from september 10th, 2001. it's never been heard before. we've gotten an update on tropical storm bertha as it closes in on the caribbean. that's one of the things we're following.
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developing right now. employers added fewer than expected 209,000 jobs in july. it was the sixth straight month of job growth above 200,000 the first time that's happened since 1997. the markets don't seem to care too much. the reaction on the street downright now. the dow 317 points yesterday. today it's down almost 58 points. yesterday's drop wiped out the gains for the year. i'm joined by zachary carebell. columnist for sleep magazine. and wrote a book. he's taken out from the twelve jobs to join us. good to see you. job growth apparently slightly less than expected. what is your take? >> on the expectations and what it is. it's pretty much a wash.
8:29 am
it'll get revised in a month just like the last one was. it's the first time since 1997 we've had six straight months of statistical job creation of 200,000 jobs per month. so, you know, it doesn't feel particularly good. the last time it happened everybody was, you know, we were in a new economy and there's going to be no poverty, no war, no conflict. it's an interesting thing we look as good as we did then but we don't feel good. >> why don't we feel as good? >> the jobs. this month was different. there were a lot of manufacturing and construction jobs added this month. which is what we've been saying we need more of. that was very strong. i'm struck by this. i'm not sure i was going to look at this. i think the bureau of labor statistics made more prominent the break down who has jobs by education and race. >> in fact. we have the race numbers. these are the unemployment rates by race. african-americans 11.4% up.
8:30 am
hispanics 7.8. whites at 5.3%. asians 4.5%. asians and whites holding today. what do the numbers say? >> i've been trying to say it. they are important reports. they give us an opportunity to discuss thing wes need to be discussing. i'm more interested what, i mean, that chart how this is varied by race. if we were to do one by education we would have equal disparity is a for important conversation. i'm sure the white category is 200 million or 320 million. the rest are 50 million hispa c hispanics. and radically different ploim profiles by race. if you broke it down to college education versus high school you get the massive disparity. in that sense we talk about national policies to deal with employment, it's kind of a, you know, a sludge hammer for
8:31 am
something that you need a more tailored approach. >> our strategy should be more microtargeted. >> as we know from congress unable to deal with unstate on the board per our national ability to come up with local policies is clearly close to nonexistent. it's a major issue. we have local realities. north dakota, there's no unemployment problem in north dakota. detroit there's a serious problem. >> the shale in north dakota helped that economy. new calls from democrats for cia director john brennan to step down after the internal report confirmed fears that the agency was spying on senators. a charge he denied at first. >> i let so many people down because of 30 second of my life i know i can't take back. >> baltimore ravens line
8:32 am
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and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our snapfix app. visit today. ♪ some developing news about the crisis in the middle east. john kerry released a statement blaming hamas for the collapse of the three day cease-fire saying in part, quote, the united states condemns in the strongest possible terms today's attack which led to the killing of two israeli soldiers and the apparent abduction of another. it was an outrageous violence of the cease-fire negotiated over the past several days and the assurances given to the united states and the united nations. that statement goes on to read hamas, which has security control over the gaza strip must immediately and unconditionally release the missing israeli
8:36 am
soldier. that coming from secretary of state john kerry a few moments ago. meanwhile here in the united states, the senate just passed emergency funding for israel's iron dome missile defense system. it passed unanimously. time for the "newsnation" political postscript. two democrat senators are calling for the director of the cia to step down after the shocking admission that his agency spied on members of congress. more on that in a moment. first, though, here is our look back at the week in politics. >> i will not take a second seat to anybody in my friendship or devotion to the protection of the state of israel. >> i directly spoke to the prime minister who told me to make clear that the attacks on secretary kerry are unwarranted. >> this is about the road to impeachment. if it is not, the speaker hasn't one said simple seasons. >> sentence.
8:37 am
>> are you willing to let anyone tear apart what our founders have built. >> we can do so much more if congress would come on and help out a little bit. stop being mad all the time! >> i close by once again thanking my colleagues for their service. i thank them for their friendship and warmth. with that i yield back. >> i think it's very clear that people, cia people, know exactly what they were doing. >> this is very, very serious. >> who thorszed the search? we need to know how the person is going to be held accountable. we've heard from a number of senate intelligence committee members asking serious questions of the cia after an internal report revealed that some agency employees improperly hacked into committee computers. cia director john brennan
8:38 am
apologized to diane feinstein. brennan a key administration official, one of the president's closest advisers and they're asking him to resign. is there a serious riff over them? >> one thing to notice how public the spat has been. there's tension that's not new. there's explosive. in march diane feinstein who heads the intelligence committee went to the senate floor and made the big accusation s that the cia had been doing the spying on our air brennan went on and told andrea mitchell it was not the case. there was no way that the cia was doing it. now his own ig disproves it. a lot of folks are saying somebody has to be held accountable. the relationship between the intelligence agencies and the senate had become so poison is. is it brennan that remains to be seen. someone is going to have to be
8:39 am
accountable. >> he's demanding to know if brennan, quote, deliberately lied to congress. do we think that brennan is in real trouble here or is this congressional recess coming in time for the cia director? >> i think the timing was very lucky for brennan. especially yesterday. you know, as you reported earlier the house was a total mess yesterday with this immigration legislation that dominated the headlines the border crisis as well as the house and senate looking to go into recess. they're not going to be in washington to hammer away at the issue and engage the white house as much as they would be if they were here. the timing is lucky for him. he's a close advisers of the white house. it's not an administration that asks for resignations. they can be cautious about that. but i think it remains to be seen over the coming weeks. >> thank you. and the cia spying controversy is the focus of our "newsnation" gut check on this friday. do you think brennan should
8:40 am
resign? we'll tell you how to weigh in. chilling audio released of bill clinton speaking ten hours before the september 11th attacks about the haunt for bin laden. we're talking to a group in australia clinton reveals he had a chance to take down the former al qaeda leader but passed. at the time, bin laden was on the fbi's most wanted list for his role in the 1998 attacks of u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. that recording had been
8:41 am
forgotten until last week when the former head of an australian liberal party remembered he had it and gave to sky news. the big step into the investigation of crash of mh 17. we'll have a live report on that. also, why a congressman grabbed and twisted the arm of his own staffer. it was all caught on camera. it's just one of the things we thought you should know. it's 7am and steve is already thinking about tomorrow. which is why he's investing in his heart health by eating kellogg's raisin bran ® good morning dad. hi, sweetie. here's another eye opener, not only is kellogg's raisin bran ® heart healthy, but its a delicious source of potassium. mom make you eat that? i happen to like raisins. now that's what i'm talkin' about. invest in your heart health. with kellogg's raisin bran ®. virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes.
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8:45 am
still believed to be at the site. we are joined live from london. are we hearing anything about what they found so far at the site? >> they did at least find one more body today. as we've been reporting and fighting around the crash site kept international teams from getting there to recover bodies and begin inspecting the wreckage. a group of 60 dutch and australian investigators reached the site this morning, and yes, they did find more human remains. it's two weeks and the crash site is littered with wreckage, belongings, and bodies. as many as 80 victims still out in the open according to australian officials. and the stench of death is still hanging heavily in the air there. yesterday was the first time international investigators were even able to get to the site. it was just four of them. they were only there for about an hour. >> we also succeeded today in dna samples from 25 victims.
8:46 am
we now also have the personal belongings of 27 victims in our possession. the belongings and the dna samples were in the mortuary in d . >> investigators try to collect more remains and try to figure out how officially the plane came down and who is responsible. it's tricky. artillery fire could be heard in the distance. there's reports that rebels am bah bush and ukrainian military killing ten soldiers. a reminder if anyone needed it's very much war zone there. a deadly series of gas explosions in taiwan tops the look at stories around the "newsnation." five massive underground blasts ripped through taiwan's second largest city killing 25 people and injuring more than 260
8:47 am
others. it hit concrete and left gaping holes in the street there as you can see. four firefighters went to investigate a gas leak were among the dead. tropical storm bertha bearing down on the caribbean with maximum sustained winds of 45 miles per hour. tropical storm warnings have been issued for barbados, u.s., it's not expected to become a hurricane. it's not forecast to affect the mainland u.s. ray rice spoke out publicly for the first time since the informal handed a two game suspension fhis fight with the now wife. he called the action the biggest mistake of his life. >> that night i replay over in my head. that's not me. it's inexcusable. and there's something i have to
8:48 am
live with the rest of the my life. >> rice went on to publicly apologize for his wife. he would not answer questions about precisely what happened that night inside the hotel elevator. telling reporters he does not want to relive the incident. finally, this. check it out a couple got the shock of their lives when they answered a knock on the door. only to find a 9-foot alligator waiting outside. there it is. a trapper was called in to haul away the unwelcome guest. they say that the knock on the door probably came from the gator's tail. up next a "newsnation" gut check. there's calls for the cia director to resign after he denied reports of the cia spying on senators. it turned out it was happening. plus this. >> i've never been able to take my kids anywhere! >> oh! >> the huge surprise waiting at
8:49 am
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there's a whole heck of a lot going on this morning. here just some of the things we thought you should know. eric cantor officially announced he'll resign from congress effective august 18th. he stepped down as house majority leader yesterday in this speech on the house floor. all of this comes after his upset primary loss in june to tea party backed candidate dave bratt. don young of alaska has apologized for grabbing a staffer's arm and twisting it. afterwards, you can see the staffer actually grimaces. it happened yesterday as the staffer tried to prevent the congressman from going into a gop conference meeting florida progress through the front door. in a statement, congressman young said he was, quote, caught off guard by his staffer. and those are just a few of the
8:53 am
things we thought you should know. >> time for the news nation gut check. we told you earlier about the latest political firestorm over the cia and its director john brennan. at least two democratic senators are now calling for brennan's resignation after an internal review found that the agency's employees improperly hacked into computers belonging to the senate intelligence committee. the senators say that brennan's apology is not enough. what does your gut tell you? do you think the cia director should resign? you can go to to vote. take a look at what the news nation is saying about yesterday's gut check. about a teacher who rep manded a first grader for writing on her desk by removing the desk from the classroom and making that student sit on the floor for weeks beep asked you if you thought the punishment was appropriate. 29% said yes. 71% said no. karen wrote on facebook,
8:54 am
humiliation at any age is not the answer. before we go, a feel-good story for you this friday morning. god knows we could use it. these days if you show up to the atm and get a surprise, it's usually in the form of an unexpected fee. but one bank in canada is getting a lot of attention for tricking their customers into thinking they were part of a focus group for a new atm design. then surprising them in the best possible way. here's nbc's harry smith. >> hi. >> imagine your surprise. >> hello there. >> if your atm knew your name. >> hi, michael. >> or knew your favorite team. >> that's awesome. >> what if your atm said thank you. >> never in all my life had such a beautiful surprise. >> a lot of people in canada got that shock recently when the td banks there started a customer appreciation campaign. as publicity stunts go, this is pretty close to genius.
8:55 am
for in an age when we view so many banks as impossible monoliths of greed, this one seems downright neighborly. td tellers nominated the customers who got the biggest thank yous. like dorothy mcnabb who has been sending checks to her cancer-stricken daughter in trinidad. >> and those are tickets to trinidad. >> are you serious? >> i am serious? you're going to see your daughter in trinidad. >> hi, christine. >> and christine todd. a widowed mother of two. the bank gave them a trip and money to start a college fund. >> i've never been able to take the kids anywhere. >> you don't expect a thank you at all. you wake up every day doing what's natural. striving to be the absolute best parent i can be. there are no expectations. >> where td bank didn't have talking atms, employees handed out envelopes with $20 bills. >> there you go.
8:56 am
thank you. >> if you are in the board room of another bank, this kind of thing would make you crazy. maybe even make you do td bank one better. i think we all agree, go ahead and try. harry smith, nbc news. and that is going to do it for this friday edition of "news nation." i'm craig melvin in for tamron hall. coming up monday, tamron will talk live to kelsey grammer and martin lawrence about their new show called "partners." up next, "andrea mitchell reports." what does an apron have to do with car insurance? every time you tie on an apron, you make progress. and we like that. because progress is what we make, too.
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8:59 am
right now on "andrea mitchell reports," breakdown in the middle east. a three-day humanitarian cease-fire collapses after only 90 minutes. israel says hamas captured one of its soldiers. an attack that secretary kerry has now condemned. >> that outgoing shelling is still taking place. very much a rescue operation from the perspectives of the
9:00 am
israeli. it's being described by the palestinians as a massacre. as the death toll rises, what can be done to bring both sides back from the brink? >> hamas intentionally targets civilians. the israelis do everything they can to avoid targeting civilians. there's a profound difference there. israel holds itself to a very high standard. what we've seen in this northwest gaza is that it's incredibly doflt meet its very high standard. care versus risk. one ebola patient is now heading to the united states to a special isolation unit at emory university. dr. nancy snyderman is here to grow up the rising confusion and here about the deadly virus spreading here at home. >> it is safe. it is smart. it is prudent. it does not put people at risk. >> hacking the senate. the cia is caught in the act. spying an the intelligence committee's computers while the committee was investigating the cia's interrogation techniques after 9/11.


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